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With roots in the agricultural business, extensive experience in agricultural trade and sound IT expertise, we are customers of our own idea and therefore your ideal companion on the way to digital trade with agricultural commodities.

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Tobias Fallmeier

M.Sc. in Agribusiness. Several years' experience trading nationally and internationally on the grain and oilseed markets, having been involved in all processes of the agricultural value chain.

Maximilian v. Weichs

M.Sc. in Crop Production. Several years' experience in farming trade, with close ties to hands-on agricultural practice. A wide network and deep knowledge of agricultural management.

Dr. Hinnerk Gnutzmann

IT Consultant and Economist. Vast experience in the technical conception and implementation of solutions within e-commerce.

Jan Schätzel

Attorney specializing in corporate law with a focus on venture capital, business start-ups and funding rounds (Seed, Series A and Series B).


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"Let us be your partner on your way to digital value creation"

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